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Minimized Cooking originated from a desire to eat and live healthy through the Maximized Living lifestyle and the difficulty we found when trying to find quality recipes using the correct ingredients.  The hardest part about sticking to the Core and Advanced plans for us was getting bored with the same old foods and not knowing where to look for new recipe ideas.  We weren’t experts on what ingredients could be swapped out or substituted and most of our favorite foods were no longer acceptable to our new lifestyle, so in an effort to collect recipe ideas and suggestions from others we knew were going through the same process and our search for converting popular recipes online, Minimized Cooking was born.

Our goal is to provide as many Advanced and Core Plan approved recipes as possible to make it easier and share what we find with the rest of the Maximized Living Community.  We will be constantly adding to our recipe list as well as adding new features, updating you with health related news from around the world as it pertains to your diet, and much more!

Virtually all of our recipes listed on this site are submitted directly from other members of the Maximized Living community or have been adapted from popular recipes strewn across the internet and various cookbooks.  Minimized Cooking does not take credit for having created these recipes and is merely sharing the collective information as a resource to help you in your fight to eat and be healthy!  Feel free to submit your recipe online if you’d like to add to the growing list of healthy recipes!

Minimized Cooking is not affiliated with Maximized Living in any way, we just know what being a part of their chiropractic, nutritional and exercise programs has done in our lives and are eager to make the transition for people just getting into the Advanced and Core Plans as simple as possible.  For more information on the Maximized Living program please visit www.maximizedliving.com.

To find out what ingredients and foods we recommend and have included in our recipes as well as the reasoning behind our choices, click here.